Emergency lighting

We specify, supply and maintain emergency lighting systems. The clear illumination escape routes, emergency equipment and safety systems is paramount to allow the safe evacuation of a building, access to safety equipment, safety services and high risk control systems.

We offer a full design, installation, commissioning and maintenance service for emergency lighting systems carried out in accordance with BS5266 pt 1 2016.

Our ICEL (Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting) trained and qualified engineers can help you through the legislation and provide you with the right level of service. Whether your responsibilities are for a nursing home, retail space, storage facilities or hotels we have the experience and competency to keep you on the right side of the law.

Standard emergency lighting

Normal emergency lighting should be illuminated to 1 Lux and cover:

  • Escapes routes
  • Changes of direction
  • Fire exits
  • External fire exit and routes to safe areas
  • Stairways and steps
  • Lifts
  • Toilets greater than 8 metres squared
  • Emergency equipment such fire extinguishers, first aid points and fire alarm control units.

Anti panic

  • Large open areas (greater tan 60 metres squared) should be illuminated to 0.5 Lux.

High risk

  • High risk areas and control systems should be illuminated to 15 Lux.

If you are unsure of what emergency lighting solution would suit your situation give us a call and one of our engineers can arrange a site inspection.

Illuminated emergency exit sign

Illuminated emergency exit sign

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